We hope you find the answers that you are looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions section below. If not, then no problem. Please feel free to reach out to us at info@sandyspringsoccer.com. And who knows, maybe we will add your question to the FAQs below.


What is SSSC’s mission statement?

We do not only look to develop great soccer players but we also strive to nurture and empower our players to have the best character on and off the field. 

Who joins SSSC?

We are an international club open to players from all different backgrounds. Locally, most of our players are from around the Washington, DC - Baltimore metropolitan area.

What international connections does SSSC have?

We have partnerships with several international clubs in Europe and South America where we recommend our elite level players to join. Depending upon the level of the Competitive program, we will also recommend players between 9-12 years old.

Does SSSC follow US Soccer’s long-term player development?

We integrate our international training methodology with US Soccer’ player development plan to create long term goals for the players. We strive to ensure that all players progress and grow to have a passion for the game.

Does SSSC turn players away?

At the Junior Academy and Academy levels no. However, at the Competitive and Elite levels, there is a standard of play that we have set for those levels, so tryouts are an important tool to help us find the talent that we need to be successful. If a player is not a good fit for the Competitive and Elite levels, then we will recommend a club that could be better suited.

Who decided where and at what level my child should be training at?

Each week all coaches meet to discuss player development and placement. If a player needs to be moved to a new group, then the Club will contact the parent to discuss this change. The coaches make all placement decisions as a team.

Do you assess players prior to accepting them to the club?

At the Junior Academy we do not, but at the Academy, Competitive, and Elite levels, since those levels compete, yes we will have to assess the player prior. To request an assessment, contact tryouts@sandyspringsoccer.com.

Do I have to be apart of the club to train with a team?

During the off-season (summer months) when informal training is offered you do not have to be apart of the club to join in. However, during the season (spring, fall, and winter), you must be apart of the club to play.

Can a player withdraw as a member of SSSC?

Yes, a player can withdraw, however, it must be before their 4th session of any given season. Upon withdrawing, SSSC will pro-rate the remaining amount left from the monthly dues, minus a $75 membership termination fee. After the 4th session of the season, you must be committed to completing the term.

What if I am not happy with my player’s development?

Speak with your player’s coach first, but please allow 24 hours after a practice and 48 hours after a game. If communication with the coach is not sufficient, then please contact our Technical Director at td@sandyspringsoccer.com.

Where is SSSC based?

We are based in Sandy Spring, MD and use the Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS) as our practice/game locations. We may also use Montgomery County Parks and Recreation fields depending upon availability at SSFS.


What are the levels of the SSSC teams?

Our program is separated into four levels: Junior Academy (U-5 - U-8), Academy (U-9 - U-12), Competitive (U-13 - U-15), and Elite (U-16 - U-18).  

Are players allowed to wear their game jerseys or other soccer attire to practice? 

No. Each player receives practice gear that must be worn during practices at all times.

How are players selected to play in the Competitive and Elite programs? 

If you are new to the club and are interested in more than just extra training and development, please email tryouts@sandyspringsoccer.com to request an initial assessment. After the initial assessment, the Club will then be in direct contact with the parents and players to discuss the next steps for their player. Some players are immediately placed on a roster and some players will be given a development plan to support their desire to be apart of the club. 

Are Competitive teams different to Elite teams?

Yes, the two are different mainly due to age groups. The Competitive level is for U-13 - U-15 teams, however, they could compete in elite leagues in the area. Elite level teams are U-16 - U-18 and those players compete in leagues based upon the level of the team. 

Does my player have to be apart of the Competitive or Elite program to tryout for a travel team? 

No, any player can tryout for the Competitive or Elite programs. Rosters are gradually built during the year and players can be added to the roster up to two months prior to the start of the season. 

If my player was on a Travel team roster one year, is his or her spot guaranteed?

No, we do not guarantee spots for any players as rosters may change year to year. 

When does SSSC announce their travel plans each year?

SSSC will announce which teams will travel for the summer by late fall. Tournaments will vary from year to year. 

Does every Competitive or Elite level team travel?

No. Teams who travel for competition will be determined on the team’s ability to succeed internationally. 

Who do I contact for information about the travel teams and trip details?



Is SSSC for both boys and girls?


Who do I contact for information about the school programs? 


Does a player have to be part of the Competitive or Elite level programs to participate in small group or private training? 

No. However, Competitive and Elite level players will have first priority. Junior Academy and Academy level players will have second priority. Players who are not in SSSC will be able to participate after. 

How can I schedule a personal training session with a coach? 

You can discuss this directly with the Director of your player’s program or contact info@sandyspringsoccer.com.

Will I get the same coach every week? 

Every training session will have 1-2 coaches working with the players during the season. However, there will be one primary coach in charge of the training plan for the group. 

Sports Medicine

Does SSSC encourage the multi-sport philosophy? 

Absolutely! For two reasons, one other sports can help you to improve your soccer abilities, and two, injury prevention is of the utmost importance and playing other sports will help to avoid overuse injuries. Most of our athletes are “soccer first” players, but do participate in many of their elementary, middle, and high school sports teams and programs.

Do you have a company who deals with sports injuries?

We have a database of physical therapy and sports medicine options for you to choose from. The entire team is available to work with SSSC players. 

Does my athlete have to go to Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine?

No. You can choose to work with another therapist. However, we would like to keep Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine informed with how the injury is progressing. 


Do I need to register online for all programs and teams?

Yes, all players must register online as this is the fastest and easiest way to keep track of all player information.

How can I pay for all of the registration? 

All payment registrations are handled via Stripe. A reputable company that is extremely reliable and safe. 

How do I register for a program?

All players are accepted to our Junior Academy (U-6 - U-8) and Academy (U-9 - U-12) programs contingent upon their being space available. As for our Competitive and Elite programs, you will need to register for a tryout. Whether selected or not, your player will receive an email. 

Does my player have to purchase uniforms and training gear? 

No. Our fees are all inclusive and includes uniforms and training gear. For the Recreation program players will receive a 1 jersey, 1 pair of shorts, and 1 pair socks every year. For the Junior Academy and Academy programs, players will receive 2 jerseys, 1 training shirt, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of socks for their game uniforms. As for training gear, Academy, Competitive, and Elite players can purchase additional items in our online shop.