Goalkeeper Development

The goalkeeper position is a different position that needs specialized training to be effective. The goalkeeper is an individual in a team sport that some may make the argument is loneliest position in soccer. When you make saves everyone loves you, but when you give up a call, the cheers don’t come too frequently. This position is full of complexity and our training approach provides our goalkeepers with a complete training program that provides unique skill development in terms of practice, learning, mentality and relationship with his teammates.

This approach to training will help the goalie acquire a variety of skills. Faly goalkeepers will not only be a shot stopper but they will also be great soccer players.

Ages: 8-17

Goalkeeper Small Group 2022 Summer Sessions

Sessions: 8

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Sandy Spring Friends School, 16923 Norwood Rd, Sandy Spring, MD 20860

Cost: $350

# of players per session: 4 max

Days: Thursdays