2023 Spring Small Group Training

We offer group sessions of 6-12 sessions (for 8 players or more) for boys and girls throughout Montgomery, Howard, and Prince George’s counties. Our sessions are customized to fit the needs of the player’s playing level and what the player needs to improve on the most. Our curriculum focuses on working with players of all skill levels whether they are beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Small Group Training sessions are run mainly in the Summer, Fall, and Spring months. We also run sessions in the Winter but that is contingent upon the availability of space. Follow this page for upcoming group development sessions or contact info@sandyspringsoccer.com.

To sign up for a small group training session send us an email with the dates that you would like to conduct the sessions. The minimum number of sessions is 6 and the maximum number is 12. Signing up for group development doesn’t guarantee that the sessions will be held. We will still have to communicate with the coaches who we deem best fitted to serve your players needs to check on availability.

Available Days: Mondays (Between April 10 – June 5, 2023) – No soccer 5/29. Note that Mondays are the only days available for small group training during this time period.

Times: 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm. You can select any 1 hour 15 minute time slot between these times.

Ages:  6-14 year olds (These are the only ages that we work with in our group developmental program). The players in the group must be no more than 2 years apart.

Playing Level: All players in the group must be similar in skill level. Meaning that they must either be all recreational, all intermediate, or all advanced level.

Session Length: 1 hour 15 minutes per session

Location: Sandy Spring Friends School – 16923 Norwood Rd, Sandy Spring, MD 20860

Price (per player): 6 sessions ($210), 8 sessions ($272), 10 sessions ($320), 12 sessions ($365).

*Note that the group must have at least 8 players to be considered a small group.


  • Cancellations are only accepted before the 3rd session. Canceled registrations will be given a pro-rated refund minus a $75 cancellation fee.

Training age groups, dates, times, and locations:

Note that days with (*) below are subject to change time and location throughout the season.

For any other questions, contact info@sandyspringsoccer.com.

You will have to email us at info@sandyspringsoccer.com to finalize registration.