SSSC lands SSFS as practice and game venues

February 1, 2022 

The Sandy Spring Soccer Club (SSSC) is proud to announce that it will begin practicing and playing games for its Junior Soccer Academy at the Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS) beginning on Wednesdays, March 16th. Located on a 140-acre campus, SSFS launched in 1961 as a small Quaker private school. Staying true to its mantra to “Let your lives speak”, SSFS has remained a small school with no more than 300 students from Pre-k to 12th Grade.

Despite its small student body, SSFS is one of the best private schools in Montgomery County and its campus life is top of the line. Junior Academy Director Justin Reid attended the school from 1989 – 2000, having started in 2nd grade when it was Friends School on Layhill Rd before merging with Sandy Spring to form Sandy Spring Friends School. “This school means so much to me as a person and one that I am so happy to have SSSC practice and play its games on. SSFS helped to shape my life as a person and I really appreciate the Quaker way of life and its openness to diversity. Our club’s mantra is a “A club for everyone”, and although it sounds simple, it really epitomizes what Sandy Spring as a small town and SSFS as its staple private school truly is and that is a place that welcomes everyone. This school gave me the opportunity to not just obtain a great education, but it also helped me to meet people who I am friends with to this day. Many of my former high school classmates and soccer teammates on the team were not only local from the DC, MD, VA area, but they also came from various countries: Ghana, Korea, Spain, Thailand to name a handful. Many returned to their countries either following high school or college, but social media and various apps have allowed me to be able to stay in touch with them to this day. Everlasting friendships are priceless and this just shows how accepting the Quaker way of life is and how great of a school this was for me and remains to this day.”  SSSC will practice on Wednesdays and Fridays during the week and play its games in the newly formed Maryland Developmental Soccer League (MDSL) on Saturday afternoons. To learn more about joining the 5-8 year old program for the upcoming spring 2022 season, click here.