SSSC awaits SSFS approval for facility

December 23, 2021

The Sandy Spring Soccer Club continues to await approval to use the Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS) soccer fields beginning in March 2022. Due to Covid-19 and the new variant Omicron, SSFS has not allowed outside programs to use their facilities in nearly 2 years. 

SSFS, located in Sandy Spring, is one of the only campuses in the town with multiple soccer fields. SSSC Director Justin Reid, “It is important for us to land such a great facility because it allows us to keep all practices and home games at one location. SSFS is a school that I attended from 1989-2000, and I loved every minute of the school. I played soccer in middle school and high school here, and it was great to watch how soccer really took a liking and appreciation at the school during my time there and even after.” 

Soccer has been the primary sport in the school as similar to other private schools there is no football program. So a soccer specific facility, though lacrosse is played on the fields is always a big plus for the sake of well maintained fields.