SSSC selects Squadra for uniforms and outerwear

December 17, 2021

The Sandy Spring Soccer Club is proud to announce that Squadra will be the sports apparel company for its player uniforms, coaching uniforms, and accessories. Based in Miami, FL, Squadra is one of the fastest growing sports apparel companies in the United States. With a strong foothold in the southeast region in youth soccer, Squadra offers high quality apparel at an affordable rate. According to SSSC Director Justin Reid, “when we were deciding on which apparel company to choose for the 2022-2023 season and potentially beyond, we wanted a company that shared the same values as our club. One that promotes the greatness of the game, and one that gives back to causes that the club believes in and we knew that Squadra was the one.” 

Although the uniform designs have not been completed as yet, SSSC’s colors will be green, brown, and gray. These colors were chosen because they represented the town of Sandy Spring where green space is in abundance when walking through various places like the Adventure Park or Meetinghouse. Brown represents the history of the town which can be very evident when you look at the Sandy Spring museum or Meetinghouse. Gray is a neutral color and one that brings the people together. SSSC will be a club for all regardless of background. 

To learn more about Squadra, you can click here